Bali Paintball Games

“Really fun and satisfied”

They will create a war game for you in a real authentic jungle village. After the game, all of our body fully paint and dirty. wow.. we are really experiencing war like a real territory.

Experience a Paintball game in an authentic jungle village in Bali. Play among derelict houses with bush, bunkers, and fire trenches dodging bullets. Pit your wits against your friends. A game of great skill and strategy.

Price: US $ 50 / person – Min 4 person

The Bali Paintball is a re-hatch of a favorite childhood game tagged hide and seek but in a more refined and sophisticated manner. It is an adventure game in Jimbaran. To carry everyone along and to make the game more exciting, different game formats have been designed. Basically, a group of people divides themselves into two playing teams to play the capture the flag game. There is no specific number of people that could be on the team. The team could have up to 100 players depending on the number of people available and the playing field. The major challenge of the game is to capture the center flag and bring it back to your opponent’s starting point. 

In the frantic attempt to capture the central flag, you must also try to eliminate your opponents by sticking on them a paintball emanating from a special kind of gun called a paint gun. It takes about 45 minutes to play the game depending on the field used and the number of players making up the team. During the game, players take a short break and relish their victory and share intriguing moments they were able to capture. It presents an avenue to connect more with friends and family and connect with people of like minds.


  •  Monday – Sunday from 09.00 am to 05.00 pm.
  •  Morning games start at 09.00 am
  •  Afternoon games start at 03.00 pm
  •  Pick-up time: 1 hour before playtime.
  • Safety rules and Release/Waiver of Liability and Assumption of Risk are available in .pdf format. We require that you fill out and sign this form before being allowed to play.

Package Price: On Request


  • Entrance Fee,
  • Complete Equipment,
  • 5 Games,
  • 150 Paintballs,
  • Transfer in-out (Denpasar, Kuta, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua and Sanur area),
  • 3 mineral bottles of water,
  • 1 light meal and 1 soft drink,
  • Individual lockers and changing rooms,
  • Media entertainment (satellite TV, DVD, etc.),
  • Insurance, 10% govt tax