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Bali Diving – Fun Day-Trips

“Another Magical of Bali to Joy” My experience in Bali was improved greatly after I decided to start Scuba Diving. Being able to see Bali from this different perspective really made me appreciate the beauty of both Indonesia, but also this new world underwater. Explore the best dive sites all through the Island. We offer […]

Bali Paintball Games

“Really fun and satisfied” They will create a war game for you in a real authentic jungle village. After the game, all of our body fully paint and dirty. wow.. we are really experiencing war like a real territory. Experience a Paintball game in an authentic jungle village in Bali. Play among derelict houses with […]

Bali Dolphin Watching Tour

“Dolphin watching changed my perspective on Bali” Once in the sea, adrenaline pumps as we wait for dolphins to surface again and again … It was worth losing sleep just to catch a glimpse of these heavenly creatures. Have an exciting trip to the north coast of Bali. Lovina Beach is one of the famous […]

Lovina Tour & Swimming With Dolphin

“A memorable and amazing experience” We enjoyed full interactions with the dolphins and the trainers were just fantastic. Four of us in the water with a trainer and dolphin. Everyone got to feed, cuddle, kiss, touch and play with our dolphin Experience the thrill and joy of interaction with friendly dolphins in Bali. full of […]

ATV Ride In The Village

“Great morning out on ATV bike ” We got 3 ATVs for 5 of us and off we went – through water, rice fields, beach. The scenery was fantastic and the experience was awesome. Get Bali ATV ride adventure. the trek is the combining of rice field, challenging river bottom, the bridge, and finish point […]

Odyssey Submarine – Voyage of Fantasy

“The underwater experience!” Passed a shipwreck and lots of coral and a few fishes. A diver then swims alongside the submarine with a bottle of fish food which attracts dozens of zebrafish to the windows for you to look at. Being piloted to the magical underwater world inside a real submarine. From the purpose-built comfort […]

Camel Safari Ride

“A delighted Camels ride on the beach” What better way to see the coastline than on the back of a camel?! It was a smooth, leisurely ride with gorgeous views. It’s good to do first thing in the morning because it’s pretty hot out there. Not only elephant ride is there to try in Bali, […]

Bali Elephant Ride Tour

“Enjoyed the Elephant tour” Enjoyed the Elephant tour, riding and feeding the elephants. Surprised to see elephants respond to trainers’ verbal commands, especially when the elephant “hugged” my wife with its trunk! Enjoy Riding an Elephant in the best elephant parks. See, feel, ride and feed elephants in their natural tropical Asian surroundings. Price: Start […]

Horse Riding and ATV on the Beach

“great fun on the beach on a horse ride” The boys had great fun and seemed to have experience with horses. Ridin’ on the beach with the ways coming up shore whilst on the horse was a great feeling. The horse riding trail has been set on the beautiful black sandy beach with the thundering […]