Bali Elephant Ride Tour

“Enjoyed the Elephant tour”

Enjoyed the Elephant tour, riding and feeding the elephants. Surprised to see elephants respond to trainers verbal commands, especially when elephant “hugged” my wife with it’s trunk!

Enjoy Riding an Elephant in the best elephant parks. See, feel, ride and feed elephants in their natural tropical Asian surroundings.

The Bakas Elephant Tour presents one of a kind adventure where you and your family can enjoy your holiday with everyone attempting to ride the popular elephant park in Bali. It is situated at the Starting point of Levi Rafting in Bakas which is a suitable destination that allows the Elephant Ride tour to be combined with Kintamani Tour and other exotic places that would capture your interest in Bali. You would be able to relish the natural tinge of greenery and scenery while you relax on a teak chair placed on the back of the Elephant.

Short Elephant Ride

During the 30 minutes elephant ride, you would be able to have a sneak peek into the surrounding green landscape and the appearance of some animals such as monkeys. It is short and exciting. During the short ride, you can ask someone to make a short video of you riding the massive elephant.

Adult :

  • 15 menit: $ 52 / person
  • 30 menit: $ 67 / person
  • 40 menit: $ 85 / person

Child :

  • 15 menit: $ 40 / person
  • 30 menit: $ 45 / person
  • 40 menit: $ 60 / person

Package includes:

  • Admission fee to Elephant Safari Park
  • Buffet Lunch
  • Elephant tamer’s service
  • Insurance
  • Single traveler join only will be at additional charge USD25 for return transfer