Denpasar Capital City Tour

Denpasar is the capital city and main hub of the Indonesian province of Bali, in the southern part of the island. Laid-back Sanur Beach on the east coast offers sunrise views. The Bali Museum displays a large collection of Balinese cultural artifacts, including traditional costumes and religious items.

Lets explore several sites of historical and cultural significance within this capital city.

Denpasar Bali Indonesia, the capital city of Bali Province, it’s noted globally as the main travel destination and is the primary access to Bali island. Sprawling, hectic and ever-growing, Bali’s capital has been the focus of a lot of the island’s growth and wealth over the last five decades.

The Denpasar City Tour package presents an opportunity to have a feel of the traditional culture and the societal ethos of Denpasar. The places of interest will surely catch your fancy. Places like Bajra Sandhi Monument, Jagatnatha Temple, Bali Museum, and Bandung Traditional market.Your tour will be a memorable one as you will be transferred around with our luxurious vehicles accompanied by our courteous tour guide.

Here are some of the interesting places to visit during the Denpasar Tour:

Bajra Sandhi Monument; here you will see the monument that dignifies the Balinese and stands as a reward for their strong efforts in keeping the culture of the land. The monument is symbolic. In front of it is sited the Bali Governor office and a modestly big courtyard.

Have a live experience of the way the Balinese buyers and sellers transact at the Badung Traditional Market; there is no doubt their culture will interest you. This renowned market is located at the heart of Denpasar town. Nearby the Badung Market is one of the biggest Balinese temples.

Bali Museum is home to a collection of objects with a historical background like Grave Petrify (sarkopag), stupika clay containing the superstitious Ye Te formula and ethnographic objects like Ender Cloth, Jerusalem, and religious equipment.

The Jagatnatha Temple is an euphemistic term for the house of tournament. What typifies this temple is the large display of Balinese ornaments from the entrance of the temple fate to its main building. There is a modestly big courtyard adjacent to the temple that is strewn with tropical garden.

Includes :

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  • Driver ,
  • Petrol ,
  • Parking Fee Only.

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  • Entrance Ticket To The Attraction Area ,
  • Lunch / Dinner / Drink ,
  • Shopping ,
  • Tol Road Fee ( Idr 10.000 / 1 X Way )
  • And Other Expenses.
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  • Bajra Shandi Monument
  • Badung Traditional Market
  • Jagatnatha Temple
  • Bali Museum
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